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Spanish Literature Links


  • Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes - a huge site, filled with an incredible number of texts. Find an author in the "catálogos" section.
  • Spanish Prosody - an explanation of Spanish meter and rhyme. In English.
  • Recursos y Ornamentos Poéticos - an exhaustive catalogue and discussion of the rhetorical techniques and ornaments used in Spanish poetry. In English.
  • Glossary of Poetic Terms - an impressive list, with links to examples, from the University of Toronto. In English.
  • Glossary of Poetic Terms - "A unique guide for the study of poetry." In English.
  • Thinking and Writing About Poetry - a useful method for analysing poetry, with sample analyses of three Golden Age sonnets. In English.
  • Antología de poesía española - contains lots of texts from different periods. The poetry texts are all in Spanish, but the introduction and information on Spanish meter and rhyme (with practice exercises) are available in English .
  • Los Sonetos de mi Vida - an extensive and impressive collection of sonnets in Spanish.
  • Mis Sonetos Preferidos - an extensive anthology from a professor of artificial intelligence at the University of Malaga. In Spanish.
  • Sonetos por temas - part of the Málaga site that contains links to many Golden Age sonnets, this link takes you to a thematic listing of all of the sonnets included in that site. Several poems from other periods are also included. In Spanish.
  • Poesía en español - this link takes you to the index of a very large collection of poetry, including works by Góngora, Quevedo, Garcilaso, and others. The source of each poem is included. In Spanish.
  • Poesía burlesca de los Siglos de Oro - brief discussion of burlesque poetry, with examples. In Spanish.
  • Sonnet Central - "an archive of English sonnets, commentary, and relevant web links and a forum for poets to share and discuss their own work".

Info about studying Spanish language:

  • Learn Spanish in Spain: Young and dynamic agency born with the aim of connecting schools and students from all over the world. Find here more information about Spanish language schools and Spanish language courses in Spain.

Info about studying in Spain:

  • Guide to Study in Spain: Find universities and colleges in Spain. If offers also pratical information for students that are planning to study in Spain.