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German Books
The German division of Abebooks. An interesting idea: they'll buy textbooks back within six months! But Abebooks also sells bestsellers and other books.
Also German CDs, DVD and video (PAL format).
Note: Bertelsmann has announced that it will close at the end of 2002.
Now partnered with Thalia.
Mein Buchladen im Internet.
Search for and buy any German book in print.
"Europas größte Datenbank für Bücher, Software, CDs und Videos."
A German bookstore in California. Will close at the end of 2002.

eBay Deutschland - Bücher
German and other books in eight categories, from "Sachbücher" to "Studium."
This German bookstore chain has a good Web site. All kinds of books in many categories. You can even read sample chapters with their Leseprobe feature.
Books, maps, globes. Site in German or English. From Switzerland.

Info about studying German language:

  • Learn German in Austria: Young and dynamic agency born with the aim of connecting schools and students from all over the world. Find here more information about German language schools and German language courses in Austria.

Info about studying in German countries:

  • Guide to Study in Austria: Find universities and colleges in Austria. It offers also pratical information for students that are planning to study in Austria.