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German Audio


Here listed a collection of
web radio and web-tv, web radio
from Germany:

Station City Format Link
Bayern 1 Munich News/Oldies/Schlager 20 Kbps | Real Audio
32 Kbps | WinMedia
Bayern 2 Munich Feature programming 20 Kbps | Real Audio
32 Kbps | WinMedia
Bayern 3 Munich Adult Contemporary 20 Kbps | Real Audio
32 Kbps | WinMedia
Bayern 4 Klassik Munich Classical 20 Kbps | Real Audio
32 Kbps | WinMedia
B5 Aktuell Munich News 20 Kbps | Real Audio
32 Kbps | WinMedia
DeutschlandRadio Berlin News SureStream | Real Audio
32 Kbps | WinMedia
48 Kbps | MP3
Deutschlandfunk Cologne News SureStream | Real Audio
32 Kbps | WinMedia
48 Kbps | MP3
Deutsche Welle Cologne News (in English) SureStream | Real Audio (indirect)
MDR Info Leipzig News 44 Kbps | Real Audio
40 Kbps | WinMedia
NDR 90.3 Hamburg News/Features SureStream | Mp3
NDR 1 Niedersachsen Hannover News/Features SureStream | Mp3
NDR 1 Radio MV Rostock News/Features SureStream | Mp3
NDR 1 Welle Nord Flensburg News/Features/Music SureStream | Mp3
NDR 2 Hamburg Adult Contemporary SureStream | Mp3
NDR Kultur Hamburg Classical SureStream | Real Audio
NDR Info Hamburg News SureStream | Real Audio
RBB InfoRadio Berlin News SureStream | Real Audio
SWR cont.ra Stuttgart Information/Culture SureStream | Real Audio
40 Kbps | WinMedia

Bayrischer Rundfunk Online
Bavarian radio and television online. Select from many broadcast choices.

Deutsche Welle - TV
The "German Wave" (Deutsche Welle) has a new Web site and a new format. DW broadcasts radio and TV in many languages via satlellite and on the Web.

Das Erste Online (ARD TV)
"Das Erste"?as the name implies?was (and is) Germany's first public broadcasting radio and TV network.

EuroNews - German
EuroNews broadcasts on the Web and via satellite in seven languages, including German and English.

German TV (North America)
German TV is a new subscription satellite service from Deutsche Welle. It broadcasts German TV programming and sports from the German TV networks ARD and ZDF. For online video, see DW above.

Kabel 1
A German cable service.

Official Web site of the popular German TV series. A nice site with screen savers, chat, and other attractions. The video trailer preview of the next episode requires the Quicktime plug-in.

"Marienhof" (ARD)
The popular Seifenoper (soap opera) from ARD ("Das Erste"). Video and audio of selected episodes and trailers.

MTV - Germany
The online German-language MTV site. "Musik-News, Chats, Events–und alles im gewohnt-MTV-mässigen Design." They offer something called "i-clips" - but no streaming video!

Newsworld International (NWI)
NWI no longer broadcasts RTL-Aktuell news in German in North America, but DW German news in English is still available.

The German version of CNN and partly owned by that US TV news service, offers news, sports, and weather in German–as text or in streamed RealVideo.

N24 news television is a private German television cable/satellite broadcaster. Some RealVideo.

Oesterreichischer Rundfunk online. Austria's national radio and TV broadcast service. Also see "Der ORF im WWW."

Der ORF im WWW
A page of links to all of ORF's regional broadcasters in Austria and their Web sites.

Phoenix Online
German TV and news as streaming video.

Pro7 - ProSieben
RealVideo and other features from ProSieben.

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
Die Fusion von SFB und ORB ist Realita?Nt! Am 1. Mai hat der Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg offiziell die Rechtsnachfolge von ORB und SFB angetreten. Diese Webseiten sind ein erstes Angebot mit allem Wissenswerten u?Nber die neue Anstalt und ihre Programme.

RTL World - News Online
Video and text news from the private German TV broadcaster RTL. News stories as RealVideo.

This sat/cable TV broadcaster, is a consortium of several German-language broadcasters.

SFB - Sender Freies Berlin
Berlin's traditional public radio and TV broadcaster.

SFDRS - Schweizer Fernsehen
The Swiss national public television network.

SWR Online
Südwestrundfunk (TV and radio) for southwest Germany. Baden-Württemberg und Rheinland-Pfalz. No online video.

SWR - Südwestfernsehen
Das Programm von Südwestfernsehen (für Baden-Württemberg und Rheinland-Pfalz). Infos als Text, kein Video. /

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