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(Info about studying in Spain | Universities sites)

As follows you can find a list of suggested sites about studying in Spain and an almost complete list of all the Universities in Spain

Info about studying in Spain:

  • Funding Programmes in Education and Training
  • IRIS - Integrated Reporting for International Students: IRIS is a service for future and existing European exchange students, and an administrative tool for international coordinators and the European Commission.
  • Learn Spanish in Spain: Young and dynamic agency born with the aim of connecting schools and students from all over the world. Find here more information about Spanish language schools and Spanish language courses in Spain.
  • If you prefer to choose the school yourself, Internet is plenty of alternatives. There are academies in the most famous destinations like Madrid or Barcelona. No matter where or how you study, if you
    Study Spanish in Spain
    you'll probably have a great experience and better results.
  • Universities sites:

    1. University of Alcala
    2. Autonomy University of Barcelona
    3. University of Cataluna
    4. University of Pompeu fabra
    5. University Ramon Llull
    6. University of Duesto
    7. University of Jaume
    8. Trinity college & university
    9. University of Granada
    10. Institute of astrophysics of Canaries
    11. Autonomy University of Madrid
    12. University of Malaga
    13. University of Ovideo
    14. University of Navarra
    15. University of Salamanca
    16. University of Pais Basco
    17. Univesity of Canterbia
    18. University of Santiago de Compostela
    19. University of Sevilla
    20. University of Valencia
    21. University of Vigo