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(Info about studying in Lithuania | Universities sites)

As follows you can find a list of suggested sites about studying in Lithuania and an almost complete list of all Lithuanian Universities

Info about studying in Lithuania:

  • Funding Programmes in Education and Training
  • IRIS - Integrated Reporting for International Students: IRIS is a service for future and existing European exchange students, and an administrative tool for international coordinators and the European Commission.
  • Learn Lithuanian in Lithuania - Find information about Lithuanian language schools and courses in Vilnius, Kaunas e Klaipeda.
  • Universities sites:

    1. Vilnius University
    2. Vilnius Pedagogical University
    3. Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
    4. Vilnius Academy of Arts
    5. Mykolas Romeris University
    6. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
    7. Kaunas University of Technology
    8. Vytautas Magnus University
    9. Lithuanian University of Agriculture
    10. Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education
    11. University of Klaipeda
    12. Siauliai University