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Canada Military


A founding member of the NATO alliance, Canada currently employs about 62,000 regular and 26,000 reserve military personnel. [5] The unified Canadian Forces (CF) are comprised of: the Canadian Forces Land Force Command (Army), the Canadian Forces Maritime Command (Navy), and the Canadian Forces Air Command (Air Force). Equipment deployed by the forces includes 2,400 armoured fighting vehicles, 34 combat vessels, and 140 combat aircraft.

Defence spending in fiscal year 2004-5 was approximately $14 billion. [6] However, in the 2005 federal budget, the Liberal government allocated an additional $12.8 billion over five years to the armed forces, and committed to increasing troop levels by an additional 8,000 regular and reserve personnel over the same period.[7]

Canadian forces have served in various wars including World War I, World War II, the Korean War and recently, in Afghanistan. Since Lester B. Pearson proposed the first UN peacekeeping force in 1956, the Canadian Forces have served in 42 peacekeeping missions more than any other country. Canada was also the prime destination of American draft dodgers during the Vietnam War. These factors along with its comparatively low level of military spending, other positions such as nuclear non-proliferation, and an international treaty banning personnel land mine usage have led to Canada sometimes being referred to as a pacifist country.

Currently, CF personnel are involved in the NATO mission in Afghanistan. Smaller missions are also taking place in Haiti and Kosovo. Canada's Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) has participated in two relief operations in the last year. The two-hundred member relief crew helped in Southeast Asia after the December 2004 tsunami, and DART was also deployed in response to the devastating earthquake that struck the Kashmir region in South Asia in October 2005. Moreover, CF (and RCMP) personnel recently assisted in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

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