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Australia Culture


Australian culture, like that of America, is an amalgamation of different traditions brought along by the early settlers and that of the indigenous Aborigines. Native Australians and the settlers readily accepted the best of Irish, English, Asian, Italian and Greek culture to ripen in a belief system that is not only intriguing, but also fascinating. Australians are known to display an attitude and character that is as strong as their beliefs. Australian dress code is largely informal. Its people are supportive of a strong public health system and an education rostrum that stands on the principles of unity, equality, fraternity and necessary legislation.

Australia flaunts universal recognition in film making, music, painting and theater. The traditional culture has been readily and successfully replaced by popular art culture from all around the world. There are a number of art galleries, ballet theaters, symphony orchestras and operas in the capital cities. The ancient culture of the natives continues to expand and coexist in regional towns. Australia has a history in film production. It is home to the world's first feature film - The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) - and continues to attract film makers from across the globe even today. The beautiful locales and warm people are incentives for production houses from all around the world to invest in Australia.

Australian architecture is best flaunted in the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Parliament House in Canberra. Most of the architecture highlights the European style buildings. The traditional wattle and daub huts are still seen in certain areas. There are also a number of tributes to Georgian style and Victorian architecture.

Vegemite is unique to Australia. This nutritious dark brown food paste made from yeast extract can be eaten at any meal. The other food components are pretty much like those seen in most European countries. Beef, pork, lamb and fish are commonly eaten. Australians love their beer and an assortment of wines.

Aboriginal culture has spotlighted the didgeridoo. This wooden instrument makes a very distinct droning sound. Aboriginal and non-aboriginal performers are now adopting popular Western musical forms like Yothu Yindi and Archie Roach. The earliest musical influences were brought inland by the free settlers and deported or exiled convicts and sailors. Australian classical music has been influenced by American, European and south-east Asian music and musical instruments.

Australians are very fond of sport, both as spectators and participants. Cricket, football, rugby, soccer, motor racing, golf and horse racing are among the many other sports they enjoy.

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